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Best Hike With Kids in Utah County

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Stewart Falls JPG-7Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls is an easy 4.2 mile hike through the forest.   You are likely to find the trail packed with small children, moms with babies on their back packs.  It’s an up and back hike through the forest.  On hot summer days, you will find plenty of shade.  At the end of the trail you will find Stewart Falls cascading into a very shallow river.  You may bring your dog, but it’s got to be on a leash.  This is a good hike for a family outing on hot summer days.

Is Stewart Falls a good place to take photos?

This is a good hike to photograph the family splashing in the falls.  The trail meanders through the forest, so unless you’re wanting to photograph a wooded trail, you won’t have too many vistas.  There is one clearing about half the way to the falls with some views of rolling hills.  The falls are likely to be crowded so unless you go early in the morning or late at night, your shot is going to be full of people.

Is there a charge to go to the falls

There is a $6 dollar charge to park in the lot the leads to Stewart Falls.  The fee gets you through the gate onto Hwy 92, a scenic road.   There are some good vistas on the road, but unfortunately no place to park or pull over on the shoulder.  The best time to take the drive is fall, but there are quite a few camping spots, so if you want to camp not too far from home, this might just be your spot.

Google Map and Directions

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