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What are the Best spots at Teton National park?

T.A. Moulton Barn. Alexandra Ortiz Photo

Not quite sure where to start your adventure at Teton National Park.   Never fear I found the most amazing list.   I started to visit these spots and they all have been outstanding.  Here they are:T.A. Moulton Barn. Alexandra Ortiz Photo

Best Photography Sites

  • Manges Cabin at Taggart Creek
  • Snake River Overlook
  • Moulton Barn
  • Oxbow Bend
  • Schwabacher’s Landing

Best sunrise and sunset:

  • Teton Point Turnout
  • Signal Mountain Summit
  • Cascade Canyon Turnout
  • Blacktail Ponds Overlook

Best scenic drives:

  • Teton Park Road
  • Jenny Lake Loop
  • US 89/191

Best drives to see wildlife:

  • Moose-Wilson Road
  • Gros Ventre/ Antelope Flats Loop
  • Moran Junction to Jackson Lake Juncton
  • Signal Mountain Summit Road

Best wild life hotspots:

  • Elk-summer, daw, dusk Teton Park Road; winter, National Elk Refuge
  • Bald Eagles – Snake & Gros Ventre Rivers, and shors of Jackson Lake
  • Moore – summer, riparian areas.  Winter, sagebrush flats
  • Bears – lower canyons and forests

Best Short hikes:

  • Swan Lake to Heron Pond
  • Taggart Lake

Best Places to see wildflowers:

  • Lupine Meadows
  • Antelope Flats Road
  • Oxbow Bend Area
  • Colter Bay to Lizard Creek

Best roadwise views:

  • Cathedral Group Turnout
  • Snake River Overlook
  • Oxbow Bend Turnout
  • Teton Glacier Turnout

Best places to watch Mountain Weather:

  • Jenny Lake Overlook
  • Mountain Turnout
  • Catholic Bay Turnout

Best roadside picnic areas:

  • North end of Jackson Lake
  • Colter Bay
  • Cottonwood Creek
  • Signal Mountain Campground

Best Rainy day places

  • Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center
  • Colter Bay Visitor Center and Indian Arts Museum
  • Jackson Lake Lodge

Best rafting and canoeing:

  • Colter Bay
  • Snake River
  • Jackson Lake

Best outdoor children’s activities:

  • Junior Ranger Program
  • Look for Wildlife
  • Swim at Colter Bay Swim Beach
  • Walk Mormon Row


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